Scholarship Provides Access to Online Interpreter Training Program

(Virginia Beach, VA) April 17, 2012 – The Virginia Institute of Interpreting (V.I.I.), the leading online professional interpreter education provider, today announced their scholarship program is now open for applicants. Recognizing students with a passion for language and determination to enter the professional interpreting industry, V.I.I. is offering an annual scholarship to their Interpreter Training Program.

Responding to the growing demand for qualified interpreters, and true to its commitment to giving back, V.I.I. created this scholarship to help those individuals who are bilingual and seek a new career opportunity.  The scholarship is offered to bilingual individuals who are interested in professional interpreting and would like to participate in the V.I.I. Interpreter Training Program.

Giovanni Donatelli, President and co-founder of the Virginia Institute of Interpreting said, “Earning a certificate of completion from the Virginia Institute of Interpreting (V.I.I.) opens the door to infinite new career possibilities using a skill set you already have: Being bilingual. At V.I.I. we are passionate about language and learning. We have seen students graduate from our program with job offers waiting.  We never want lack of funds to be a barrier for someone deserving or driven, which is why we’ve developed our Interpreter Training Program Scholarship.”

V.I.I.’s self-paced course is designed specifically for bilingual individuals to learn a new career skill from the convenience of home.  The Interpreter Training Program, a self-paced course for professional public services interpreter training, gives students an easy to follow user interface with features such as situational exercises, rich interactivity, speech recording and playback, sample interviews, note taking exercises, videos and much more.

The program is completed online and in 40 hours of self-paced learning, with tests at the conclusion of each module.  Upon completion of the Interpreter Training Program, bilingual individuals possess the skills to work as professional public services interpreters for numerous types of assignments, from helping people with their social services interviews in order to qualify for government assistance, to interpreting in refugee-status interviews..

Applications must be submitted by May 20, 2012. The winner of the annual scholarship will receive fully paid tuition to the Interpreter Training Program. For more information or to apply please visit,

About the Virginia Institute of Interpreting

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