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Both V.I.I. founders, Gio Donatelli and Rocío Txabarriaga, learned English as a foreign language, and although they were born worlds apart, they share dedication, ambition, and an intense commitment to their world community. They created the Virginia Institute of Interpreting to open the doors of success and independence at an extremely affordable cost to everyone.


Giovanni Donatelli

President and co-founder

Giovanni Donatelli is President and co-founder of the Virginia Institute of Interpreting and he is responsible for overseeing all operations at the Institute. Mr. Donatelli is an Award Winning Entrepreneur in the language services industry.

Mr. Donatelli has served on the board of directors of the Association of Language Companies from 2010 – 2016, and is also serving on the Board of Directors for the Joint National Council on Languages (JNCL). He has been a guest speaker on language access issues to numerous organizations around the country, and is regarded as a foremost leader in language access programs.

A native of Pescara, Italy, Mr. Donatelli received his MBA from the College of William and Mary and received his BS in Finance from Virginia Tech.


Rocío Txabarriaga

Executive Vice President, Chief Editor and co-founder

Rocío Txabarriaga, MA is Executive Vice President, Chief Editor and co-founder of Virginia Institute of Interpreting and Virginia Institute Press. She is responsible for course planning, development, validation, and maintenance.  She also runs operations for Virginia Institute of Interpreting’s publishing branch, Virginia Institute Press.

Ms. Txabarriaga has over twenty years of experience in language services and international business management ranging from independent consulting to senior executive positions, and business ownership. Her extensive experience spans operations, ISO-quality processes, interpreter recruiting and training, qualitative and quantitative market research and analysis, as well as in-depth involvement with several language technology platforms.

Ms. Txabarriaga has several degrees, including a Master’s from Middlebury University’s Institute of International Studies at Monterey, has earned many certificates, and speaks five languages fluently. Ms. Txabarriaga is also a NASBITE-Certified Global Business Professional, and an accomplished writer and public speaker.


Our Objectives & Outcomes


To provide the best online interpreting courses

Our cutting-edge methodology provides all students with the same opportunities to become successful interpreters. V.I.I. courses are the choice for elective interpreting courses at colleges and universities across the United States.


To offer employers the best public services interpreters

Our programs give students more than interpreting skills: they become true professionals, capable of observing protocol, preserving their role, and making appropriate decisions in any situation.


To provide the best that e-learning technology has to offer

We partnered with MindEdge, Inc., a leader in online learning hosting and management.  The choice of many universities, MindEdge has collaborated with V.I.I. to create the best platform for online learning and skills-building.  Our courses include proprietary technology that enables students to make the best of their self-study hours, on any device.

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