Virginia Institute of Interpreting Announces Release of Interactive Platform Designed for Online Learning

(Virginia Beach, VA) December 14, 2011 – The Virginia Institute of Interpreting (V.I.I.), the leading online professional interpreter education provider, today announced the release of its self-paced course designed specifically for bilingual individuals to learn a new career skill from the convenience of home.  The Professional Interpreter Program, a self-paced course for professional interpreter training, gives students an affordable and easy to follow user interface with features such as situational exercises, speech recording and playback, sample interviews, note taking exercises, videos and more.

The course gives bilingual individuals the skills to work as professional interpreters for numerous types of assignments such as assisting people with their social services interviews in order to qualify for Food Stamps and Medicaid, or interpreting in foster care appointments or housing assistance appointments. Upon completion of the course students will also qualify for work for international corporations and language services providers.

Giovanni Donatelli, President and co-founder of the Virginia Institute of Interpreting said, “Our professional interpreter courses provide bilingual people with new career opportunities.  With the current economy and the uncertainty of many jobs, people are seeking second careers.  The challenge has always been how to accommodate education with the demands of the current job and family.  We’ve created our interpreter training course with busy lives in mind. What makes our course so attractive is its online, self-paced structure.  Our students can take the course in their spare time from the convenience of their own homes.”

The course includes:

  • Introduction to public services interpreting as a profession: Basic concepts
  • Interpreting skills and techniques: Effective listening and concentration, short-term memory retention, shadowing, note-taking, sight translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
  • Ethics and standards: Expected professional behavior
  • Interpreting as a business: Understanding the market, and how to gain employment as a professional interpreter

“Our courses are for everyone. Regardless of language combination and learning style, our courses utilize a teaching methodology unlike any other, which ensures success for all types of learners. From conveying concepts to practicing skills to teaching how to set up a freelance business, V.I.I. courses really cover everything needed to become a professional interpreter,” commented Rocío Txabarriaga, Vice President of Content Development and co-founder of the Virginia Institute of Interpreting.

The course is taken online and completed in 48 hours of self-paced learning, with tests at the conclusion of each module.  Students can register for the course online for $995 at

About the Virginia Institute of Interpreting

Convenient, affordable and easily accessible to anyone who wants to learn, the Virginia Institute of Interpreting (V.I.I.) is an online education provider offering courses and training services for the professional interpreting industry.  The Institute’s courses were developed by a team of top interpreting and learning management systems experts, and are based on widely accepted language industry standards and practice.  For more information about V.I.I., it’s founders and courses, please visit and follow V.I.I. on Facebook and Twitter for updates.