Professional Partner Program

Refer a student, Receive $100. Introducing the VII Professional Partner Program.

Professional language services companies are only as good as their linguists. You receive employment inquiries daily, and of those inquiries, most applicants will not have formal training as a professional interpreter/linguist.  This results in companies either choosing to train internally or turn candidates away.  What if we told you that you could have access to a pool of standardized foundational trained interpreters/linguists for hire?

Now you can.  The Virginia Institute of Interpreting (V.I.I.) would like to introduce our Professional Partner Program.  We know you need a great training partner in order to make solid, qualified hires.

Simply refer current and potential interpreter/linguist hires to V.I.I. Interpreter Training Program and we will send you $100 per student* who registers.

Why participate in our Professional Partner Program?

At V.I.I. we saw a need for a new training platform.  After engaging top professionals in the industry to help us with course development paired with the latest online education technology, we are proud to offer the most in-depth and comprehensive Interpreter Training Program available. Partnering with us will:

  • solve issues such as IRS compliance which hinder language services companies’ ability to offer internal training to contractors, leaving many without a viable option for adding new qualified interpreters/linguists.
  • keep you focused on what you do best.  Training is not part of most language services companies’ core competencies, but it is something we do at V.I.I. and we do it extremely well.
  • ensure your new interpreter/linguist hires have passed language fluency tests with results measured using the Interagency Language Roundtable scale.
  • save you money in the recruitment process.

Virginia Institute of Interpreting (V.I.I.) is your resource for superior, reliable training and qualified interpreters/linguists.

How to Participate in the Professional Partner Program

Simply point students to our website and let them know that when they register they must include the name of the referring company in the ‘referral’ field on the enrollment form.

Once a student registers, we will send your company a $100 check. It’s that simple.

We respect your privacy and the privacy of the potential students you refer.  The information you provide will never be used for any purpose other than communication regarding the school.


*Referrals must be indicated via registration at time of enrollment via Referrals will be accepted until June 30, 2012. Referrer will receive one (1) $100 check per (1) one valid referral.  A valid referral is defined as student enrollment in the V.I.I. Interpreter Training Program and tuition paid in full at time of registration. Referral awards are non-transferable. V.I.I. reserves the right to substitute an award of equal value. All taxes on referral awards are the sole responsibility of the referrer. Referrers must be at least 18 years of age.