Welcome to "The Medical Interpreter"

“The Medical Interpreter” is an intensive training program that is designed for experienced interpreters.

By choosing to participate in this program, you are stating that you already possess the general knowledge and experience of an interpreter.


If you choose to proceed, you are stating that you have either:

  • Two years of professional/community interpreting experience, OR
  • A general interpreter certificate from this institution or a different institution

If you do not meet the above criteria, we encourage you to register for “The Professional Interpreter”. Once you complete either program, then you can register for this program.

Otherwise you can register for the “Healthcare Interpreting Certificate Program” which is a combination of “The Professional Interpreter” Program and “The Professional Medical Interpreter” all in one program.

The Professional Medical Interpreter program will prepare you to work in the medical interpreting industry as soon as you complete the program.

Medical Interpreting Course - 5 Questions

The following short survey covers fundamental interpreting skills that anyone claiming to be a trained or experienced public services interpreter should have. Answering these five questions should take no more than 10 minutes.

Only if you answer all 5 questions correctly, you will be allowed to complete your registration for this course.


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