Users of Interpreters or Linguists

The V.I.I. professional series includes webinars on many practical and critical topics. These webinars are intended for busy professionals who work with interpreters as language service providers, hospitals, insurance companies, courts, government offices, etc, and typically last 90 minutes. Upcoming webinars include the following topics:

  • Cultural Competence in a Nutshell: How to manage cultural issues that commonly lead to miscommunication, or worse!
  • CLAS Compliance for Medical Personnel: An overview of proven management strategies to ensure compliance with Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services standards
  • Vendor Recruiting and Management: A series of three webinars which cover recruiting strategies, quality assurance throughout the recruiting and vendor management cycles, and negotiation strategies. (Please note: These webinars are the condensed version of V.I.I.’s on-site vendor management seminar.)
  • Effective Interpreter Management for Medical Personnel: Users of interpreters learn how to make the most of the interpreting session to ensure proper level of care.
  • Effective Remote Interpreter Management: Two webinars guide attendees through the best ways to work with interpreters over the telephone or via remote video feed.

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