Reliable training and qualified interpreters for your company

Virginia Institute of Interpreting (V.I.I.) is your resource for superior, reliable training and qualified interpreters/linguists for your company.

Until now, users of interpreters such as Language Services Providers, hospitals, professional services firms, and government offices haven’t had access to a pool of standardized foundational training in interpreting. To complicate matters more, issues such as IRS compliance hinder the ability for companies to offer internal training to contractors, leaving many without a viable option for adding new qualified interpreters/linguists.

With V.I.I.’s courses, your company can refer potential contractors to receive training, keeping your company compliant with IRS regulations as well as benefiting from standardized training. Additionally, you can contact Virginia Institute of Interpreting directly to recruit new interpreters.

Access to newly-trained individuals will give you a competitive edge when recruiting interpreters/linguists.  Also, our interpreter/linguist training includes language fluency tests in which the results are measured using the Interagency Language Roundtable scale. Therefore, when you recruit a graduate of Virginia Institute, you can rest assured that these linguists have already met the necessary criteria that will make your recruitment process smoother and a lot less costly.

We also offer hospitals the choice to enhance the skills of their bilingual staff through our courses. That way they can be prepared to act as interpreters when needed.

Contact us today to see how we can become a training/recruiting partner for your interpreter/linguist needs.


Our Course Offerings

Interpreting Skills in 40 hours

Learn online at your own pace

V.I.I.’s Professional Interpreter Program takes the student on a journey through awareness, knowledge and skills building.  V.I.I.’s proprietary modular approach to teaching interpreting makes it easier for students to naturally add and sharpen their skills as they progress.  The results are unparalleled listening skills, the ability to transfer language accurately, and the resources needed to work as a professional interpreter.  All of V.I,I’s courses are accessible: visually-impaired bilingual individuals are encouraged to enroll.

Medical Interpreting Training in 60 hours

Get everything you need to specialize in medical interpreting

V.I.I.’s Professional Medical Interpreter Program was created in accordance to guidelines from the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).  It also includes everything interpreters need to know if they decide to try to obtain national certification from organizations like The Certification Commission for Health Care Interpreters (CHIA). 

The course also includes valuable information that will enable medical interpreters to make appropriate decisions in a variety of challenging situations.  Our graduates are given all the tools they need to successfully and confidently perform in professional environments like hospitals and clinics, whether in-person or remotely. 

Coming in October 2019: One-hour Compliance Courses for Medical Providers

Ensure appropriate health care outcomes in diverse populations

Later this year, medical personnel will have access to online courses about cultural awareness and compliance with language-access rights, including how to make the best of working with interpreters.  These short yet content-rich courses will allow doctors, nurses and other medical personnel to gain a deeper understanding of diverse populations and preventing disparities in health care outcomes.