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Professional Interpreter

V.I.I.’s Professional Interpreter Program takes the student on a journey through awareness, knowledge and skills building.  V.I.I.’s proprietary modular approach to teaching interpreting makes it easier for students to naturally add and sharpen their skills as they progress.  The results are unparalleled listening skills, the ability to transfer language accurately, and the resources needed to work as a professional interpreter.  All of V.I.I’s courses are accessible: visually-impaired bilingual individuals are encouraged to enroll.

Medical Interpreter

V.I.I.’s Professional Medical Interpreter Program was created in accordance to guidelines from the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).  It also includes everything interpreters need to know if they decide to try to obtain national certification from organizations like The Certification Commission for Health Care Interpreters (CHIA). 

The course also includes valuable information that will enable medical interpreters to make appropriate decisions in a variety of challenging situations.  Our graduates are given all the tools they need to successfully and confidently perform in professional environments like hospitals and clinics, whether in-person or remotely. 

If you are bilingual, our Professional Interpreter Program will give you newfound earning potential as a professional public services interpreter.

By successfully completing your studies, you’ll acquire the advanced skills necessary to work as a qualified, professional interpreter for numerous institutions.

Clients and assignments might include:

  • Working for national and international corporations
  • Working for language services providers, on-site or remotely
  • Assisting individuals and families with their social services interviews in order to qualify for Food Stamps and Medicaid
  • Interpreting in foster care appointments or housing assistance appointments
  • Helping refugee status seekers complete their application process
  • Assisting in law enforcement situations

Of course, those are just a few examples. An entire new world of opportunities becomes available to you upon completion of this course, including a free listing in an employer-searchable database. See what we are all about! Watch our short video which takes you on a tour of the V.I.I. Professional Interpreter Program and shows you just how easy it is to get started

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This fully-interactive course is intended for bilingual individuals who wish to acquire spoken language interpreting skills and knowledge. Students who successfully complete the V.I.I. Professional Interpreter Program will be qualified to interpret professionally in business and social services environments.

This course covers public services interpreting concepts and skills, including:

  • Introduction to public services interpreting as a profession: Basic concepts
  • Interpreting skills and techniques: Effective listening and concentration, short-term memory retention, shadowing, note-taking, sight translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
  • Ethics and standards: Expected professional behavior
  • Interpreting as a business: Understanding the market, and how to gain employment as a professional interpreter

What does the Professional Interpreter Program Cost?

At an affordable price of $995, students have full access to the V.I.I. Professional Interpreter Program’s online materials, assessments and resources and optional instructor-led live sessions.

About the Language Proficiency Requirement:

V.I.I.’s Professional Interpreter Program is a comprehensive interpreting course for individuals who are fluent in at least two spoken languages. Anyone who takes this course is required to demonstrate verbal fluency in their languages through a language assessment administered by a recognized testing institution with whom V.I.I. has partnered. (This test is already covered by your tuition). Students who already have proof of proficiency from accredited testing institutions will need to inform V.I.I. so that their credentials can be properly examined.

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