Legal Interpreting Courses

Are you already a professional interpreter who would like to enter into legal interpreting?

With sessions beginning in 2012, this course is intended for individuals based in the United States who are already working professionally as interpreters, and wish to expand their marketability by becoming judicial interpreters.

This highly interactive course allows students to acquire critical knowledge through a variety of rich media content, while participating intensively in simulations. These simulations are not simple scenarios, but rather game-like environments where the student directly affects the outcome of the course’s practicum.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in the simulations as many times as it takes to achieve the expected results. The students’ level of previous professional experience will enhance their performance in the simulations and tests in every module. Consequently, course completion can take anywhere from 70 to 90 hours.

To attain a certificate of completion for the judicial interpreting course, and to gain access to the certification preparation course and practice test, the Comprehensive Judicial Interpreting Course must be successfully completed.

V.I.I.’s judicial interpreting course includes:

  • Introduction to judicial interpreting: Basic concepts: understanding the court setting; participants in the legal interpreting encounter; the judicial interpreter’s role; cultural issues
  • Effective communications management in various legal sub-settings, such as courts, attorney’s offices, and legal assistance offices
  • Communication best practices and common pitfalls: Appropriate linguistic registers; terminology building techniques; speech analysis and synthesis; active and effective listening; managing the cultural divide; stress management
  • Ethics and standards: Concepts and issues specific to judicial interpreting settings
  • Legal education for interpreters: The judicial system; standards and legislation; law enforcement; crime scene; weapons; terrorism; narcotics and other controlled substances; financial law; cybercrime; other legal areas
  • Judicial interpreting as a business: Understanding your target market , and how to gain employment as a professional judicial interpreter

Optional modules (additional charges apply):

  • State court certification test preparation and practice test
  • Federal court certification test preparation and practice test
  • Remote legal interpreting: Video and Telephone

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