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As a V.I.I. student, you’ll receive a real-world career education and earn the skills for success. What’s more, you’ll receive the ongoing help and support you need to begin and maintain a rewarding career in interpreting, or to make a career change.



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Hire V.I.I.

One of the great benefits of completing a V.I.I. training program is that you are automatically added to our elite database of trained interpreters. Shopped by Language Service Providers, professional services companies, government institutions, and other users of interpreters, your visibility as a professional interpreter will be greatly increased through this database.

Your coursework in the V.I.I, Interpreter Training Program includes a mandatory session on how to start marketing yourself as a professional interpreter, and how to find work.

Also, once you graduate, our career services office is always open to you.  You can always contact us with questions about issues you come across in the real world.  Since we have already been there, we are the best people to ask.  Consider us your professional mentors.

You will never be alone.

We call this Hire V.I.I., a comprehensive toolkit to help you establish yourself as a professional interpreter.


You will never be alone.